Prefects Investiture 2017
Prefects were inducted for the year 2017 at Ave Maria Convent, Negombo on 5th January where 90 prefects from the Collegiate and 42 prefects from the Primary School took oaths committing them to be loyal and serve the school The day commenced with Holy Mass invoking blessings from Lord our God where Rev.Fr Cizwan De Croos Co-ordinator to the Negombo Regional Bishop, Rector Dheva Dharmaya Degree Nikethananya,Negombo branch, Director Thomas Cardinal Cooray Cathecatical Center, Thammita, Negombo was the celebrant. He blessed the badges that were pinned on the newly appointed leaders. It was the first official function of the new principal Rev.Sr. Shirmila Jayawardena, and the Collegiate Head Prefect Miss Shankini Pathirana was pinned by her. Primary School Captain was little Miss Jennifer Musprett. Ave Maria Family wishes the newly appointed prefects good luck and God Blessings!